So grateful for the connections and memories I made at SXSW. Thanks to Josh and OU for making this trip happen!

-Hannah Mengos

Had so much fun at the Gambino show with our group !!!

Rachel Avila

The moon and the city was an amazing view from the park

Rachel Avila

Ended this incredible trip by seeing one of my all time favorite hip hop labels perform at the North Door. Stones Throw Records showcase - Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton (which is also the name of the documentary they debuted at the film festival portion of SXSW). Knxwledge and Jonwayne performed some awesome original experimental hip hop tracks and then Dam-Funk, Peanut Butter Wolf and Madlib brought the funk and spun all 45’s for about 3 hours non-stop. The talent of all of these DJ’s had me in awe, yet they’re hardly known by most people. All in all this was one of the best, most rewarding trips I’ve been on in my life.

Eric Biddiniss opened for the Pharcyde at Blackheart. Never heard of him before last night but he got the crowd pumped. Funny guy, too. Ran into him after his set and got to chat for a bit. He’s a great example of how being sincere and personable can get you respect. And he likes coffee


Jay and I checked out these amazing Audeze headphones at the gear expo. They were huge headphones but just sounded incredible. Great things were seen at that part of the convention!


Legendary producer Madlib closed out SXSW last night by spinning some classic 45’s. He performed alongside Jonwayne and other members of Stones Throw Records.


CeeLo said some good things at his interview this morning.

"There is validity in all creation"

"There’s nothing inventive of playing it safe, standing still. I make music to make you move."

"Art is supposed to challenge the establishment"

"True art isn’t supposed to be understood by everyone at the same time"


Finally got to see the Deep Web Tour. Donald even performed songs from “Royalty,” (which most listeners aren’t a fan of) and brought out his brother to perform a few songs together!